Shop with Scrip - SCRIP is an ongoing opportunity to fund SMSC through your regular spending. Click the title for more information. 

Swim-A-Thon - SMSC holds a Swim-A-Thon each year where our athletes swim for dollars.

Cash Calendar Sales - The 2020 Cash Calendar sales were a huge success! Here is the link for the 2021 Cash Calendar.

Recycling- for the past year SMSC has been collecting recycling (plastic and aluminum) in an effort to help keep the community of Santa Maria clean and reap the financial benefit from recycling as well. Collect your recycling and keep an eye out for collection dates. If you have recycling that must leave your house, contact [email protected] to make arrangements ahead of a collection date. 

Donations and sponsorships - SMSC happily receives donations from individuals and/or sponsorships from local businesses and corporations. Contact [email protected] to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement. Click here to make a donation to SMSC!

Corporate Donations - SMSC has multiple options such as Lane Sponsors, Snack Bar Sponsor, Junior       Olympic Sponsor, Scholarships, National Travel Team Sponsor, Auction and Fund-A-Need.

Legacy Project