The Santa Maria Swim Club is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) with the goal of providing aquatics programs on the Central Coast to people of all ages. Learn - Fitness - Recreational - Competitive opportunities are provided to youth and adults of all ages.

 A Commitment to Excellence entails:

                             Competitive:  Develop Central Coast youth to the highest possible levels in swimming.

                             Competitive:  Develop student-athletes to swim at the college level.

                             Competitive:  Develop game-changing character and personal traits in our members.

                             Build the Base:  Provide and promote multiple opportunities to get into swimming.

                             Promote:  Promote the sport of swimming at all levels.

The Santa Maria Swim Club achieves these things through the following:

1. Teaching and developing young people through the development of swimming skills.

2. Providing scholarship and swimming opportunities to local youth when needed.

3. Encouraging all student-athletes and members to pursue college education through the sport of swimming.